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Costco Jobs

Costco Store hours 2015
Costco jobs are so desirable, in part, because Costco has long had a reputation as owning an excellent benefits package for employees, both full time and in your free time. The company likes to show comparisons between it and its particular largest competitor, Wal-mart. Many of the categories of benefits that show a clear advantage for employment at Costco are 82% of Costco staff is covered by company medical health insurance compared to 48% of Wal-mart employees which can be covered by company health care insurance. The insurance enrollment waiting period for part-time workers at Cosco is A few months and at Wal-mart it is A couple of years. The portion of health-care premiums paid by Costco is 92% and also at Wal-mart it is 66%. The annual worker turnover rate at Costco is 24% possibly at Wal-mart it is 50%.

Costco Holiday Hours
Each Costco store takes applications for full and part-time positions for baker, butcher, café assistant, cashier, cake decorator, packer, stocker, fork lift driver, optical dispenser, tire fitter, maintenance, photo technician, customer services and wrapper. Together with Costco store/warehouse jobs, the company offers career positions in accounting, buying, graphic arts, journalism, information systems, human resources, and law and others.

One thing to expect when trying to get employment at Costco or any other large corporation could be that the job seeker must follow expose and exact process when applying for a job. You should expect to always complete all of the steps of submitting a detailed application, an interview with store management, and an internal company review before you will be notified of the hiring decision.

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